Spring is notoriously famed for high volumes of tornadoes and severe weather across the United States. The fall and winter months have always had tornado activity but many people still consider a tornado during the these months an unlikely occurrence. Actually, tornadoes can occur at any time of the year. When warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico mixes with cooler air, conditions emerge which are conducive for tornadoes.

Jan 1999 Tornado Outbreak

In January of 1999, the central U.S. suffered from a major tornado outbreak, numbering 129 tornadoes from Texas to Kentucky and the surrounding states. An outstanding 56 of those touched down in Arkansas alone, with Mississippi being the second-largest-hit state with 27. Within these tornadoes, the strongest recorded was an F4 while more than 10 were rated as F3’s.

In February 2008, we were hit again by an onslaught of tornadoes. A few of days before Valentine’s Day, 86 tornadoes wreaked havoc across ten states. Tennessee was impacted by 25 tornadoes and 12 were in Arkansas. Even Christmas Day has proven to be an eventful day for a multi state tornado outbreak. On December 25-26, 2012 a tornado outbreak occurred in the southern United States which affected much of the gulf coast. The National Weather Service reported 31 tornadoes, 30 of which occurred on Christmas Day.


Since 1950, there have been over 1300 tornadoes recorded during the December months alone (see source below.) By quick math, that’s over 20 tornadoes per year that happen across the United States during December. These tornadoes have caused over 150 deaths and nearly 3,000 injuries.

We urge everyone to refrain from taking this subject lightly. During these upcoming winter months, remember to restock your tornado shelter’s supplies. Run an emergency drill with your family to refresh everyone’s memory. By being proactive, you can alleviate much of the stress and worry during a storm. You cannot over prepare for an emergency.

We have gone the extra mile to help you organize and plan for severe weather and emergency situations. To help you get started, visit this article dedicated to our “Plan. Prepare. Practice.” philosophy, found HERE.

If you do not have a tornado shelter, the winter months are a great time to prepare. During the peak tornado season months of March through May, the installation schedules for most storm shelter companies become over booked. A person may have to wait one to two months for their tornado shelter installation due to high demand. If a storm passes through before you have a chance to purchase a shelter, the turnaround time could double overnight. By acting now, you can ensure your family’s safety year round.

For many, it is not a question of wanting the safety, but affording it. We proudly offer financing funded with approved credit. Two minutes of your time could bring a lifetime of safety for you and your loved ones. Our financing information can be found on our website, as well as an online application found HERE.

We at Rethink Storm Shelters urge our community to not only RETHINK their decision about a storm shelter, but to RETHINK the term “storm season.” Being prepared is the best course of action in any situation, especially when it comes to emergencies and severe weather.

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