Installing a garage storm shelter may seem quite complicated but we've simplified the process to make it easier and more efficient. Our 7 step process normally takes 4-6 hours to complete.

Step 1: Determine and Mark the Location

Our standard procedure is to install the shelter 1ft from the garage door opening. We do this for several reasons:

1) This insures we are far enough away from the footing to prevent damaging it.

2) Our chances of running into a water line or other underground utility line is greatly minimized.

3) We don't have to drive our equipment into the garage.

4) It will be much easier for emergency responders to locate you if you were to become trapped because your house collapsed on the storm shelter. The tornado shelter will be located near the exterior of the home which minimizes the amount of rubble emergency responders would have to dig through to locate you.

The homeowner determines which side of the garage they'd like the shelter to be located in. Once our installer arrives he will discuss the shelter placement with the homeowner before the installation begins. After the shelter location is determined the installer will mark the location on the concrete slab. He will ensure the storm shelter is centered properly and that the shelter is marked according to the homeowners satisfaction.

Step 2: Cut the Concrete Slab

Next, we use a wet saw to cut the concrete slab. The wet saw provides precision cuts and minimizes dust. As we are cutting the concrete slab we squeegee the garage to remove as much water and concrete mud as possible from the garage.

Step 3: Remove the Concrete Slab

After the concrete slab is cut the slab is removed. The bucket of the excavator is used to lift the slab in several small pieces.

Step 4: Excavate

After the concrete slab is removed the dirt is excavated from the hole. On average we remove about 8 yards of dirt from the hole.

Step 5: Remove Dirt and Debris

The dirt is loaded into a trailer to be removed after the job is complete.

Step 6: Install the Shelter

Once the dirt is removed the shelter is lowered into the hole.

Step 7: Bolt to Concrete Slab

Concrete cutting anchor bolts are used to bolt the shelter to the concrete slab. The bolts are spaced every 16" securing the shelter to concrete slab.

The storm shelter is available for use immediately following the installation. The installer will review all of the shelter features with the homeowner. The knowledgeable installer will answer any questions the homeowner may have concerning the use and proper maintenance of their shelter.

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