We did, because it happened to us.

We found ourselves completely unprepared when a severe, tornado-producing storm swept through our home and community—and we vowed we would never be that vulnerable again.

Re-thinking began by recognizing our need for protection, but it quickly turned to re-thinking how to achieve this without building all over again with a basement.

It had to be Simple to install, Safe for the whole family and Secure enough to withstand even the harshest storms.

The result of our re-thinking has developed into a fast-growing manufacturing and installation company that builds the most innovative storm shelters and safe rooms on the market. With specs that far exceed FEMA standards, our all-steel, leak-proof shelters can be installed in existing or new homes right in garages or yards. A typical installation usually only takes a day, and will last a lifetime—always ready to protect your family.

Our pledge is to continue to keep your family safe, just like we do our very own.

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